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Hawaii Senior Class Trips

Hawaii is without a doubt one of the most highly sought after vacation destinations, and it's no wonder! Your friends can even join you from home if you happen to wander past the Waikiki Beach Live Cam in Honolulu! But even at night the adventure is just beginning on the islands.  

A Magnificent Manta Ray Night Dive is guided by Kona Honu divers and charters last anywhere from two to five hours along the natural coral reefs swarming with majestic manta rays whose wing spans may reach all the way to 15 feet! The rays will arrive in numbers anywhere between one to more than 10, however the record number of these gentle giants is 36 at once! This cove of incredible creatures may very well be the highlight of your trip.

In the morning, you may want to head the opposite direction and catch a flight on the Circle of Fire Helicopter Tour! This one  takes place above the most geologically active terrain on the planet as it has been erupting since the early 80s! Your ascent will lead you to waterfalls, rain forests and molten lava flows surging toward the ocean! Upon landing, you are welcome to purchase a DVD of your excursion! 

Take up diving for treasures at Hanauma Bay to work up an appetite for food specific to the islands: Lau-Lau, spam musubi, poi, kalua pork, seaweed salad or poke. This will be a great prerequisite to acquaint your group with the culture of the islands before attempting the rest of your bucket list! 

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6 Day for 40+ People
6 Day for 20-40 People