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Take your educational trip to Philadelphia this year. Your group will learn about our history with visits to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Pavilion along with the Betsy Ross House where historians say Ross sewed our very first American flag in the 1700s. Other visits may include the 3,600 acre Valley Forge National Historic Park or the American Helicopter Museum with the world’s only publicly displayed V-22 tilt-rotor Osprey military aircraft!  


A class trip to Philadelphia is bound to be a curious endeavor. As your group explores the city they will learn of maritime heritage in Philly at the Independence Seaport Museum complete with a workshop where students may attend an artisan guided wooden boat restoration. At Shofuso, a divine pagoda and bamboo garden lead the way to a koi pond, tea garden, a Villa and ornamental trees like the celebrated cherry and plum varieties. 


Whether in the woodlands or meandering the shaded cobblestone streets, your tour group will find opportunities for hot air balloon rides, native plant gardens, live performances in a park, riverboat rides, golf, even an Olympic sized ice skating rink in the winter time. The Philadelphia Zoo delivers rare and endangered species while the Mutter Museum may send chills down your spine! This establishment celebrates the improvements we’ve made in medicine and just how far we’ve come from things like shrunken heads. This sounds like a field trip your group could enjoy!