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Boston is a superb destination for educational trips. It has so much history to offer the inquisitive class! From the Boston Tea Party that in turn led to the Revolution to the abundance of molasses and baked beans, Boston is the perfect walking city to take in the sights while taking in the calories as well! Take your group on the Freedom Trail and stop at attractions like Paul Revere's House or the USS Constitution for a riveting course in Boston's journey to becoming the Cradle of Modern America.  


For a class trip, your students may enjoy a performance by the Blue Man Group or a ride on the Boston Duck Tour. Boston can also offer a visit to Six Flags or a Dinner and Dance cruise. The New England Aquarium or Whale Watching programs are the perfect way to kick off a day before a jaunt through the Franklin Park Zoo or any of the many parks and islands dotting Boston's attraction map. With restaurants covering it all from comfort food at Liberty Bell Roast Beef to French cuisine at Mistral's, Bean Town's dining is an adventure in its own right!


Boston offers great attractions for a field trip. Allow your students to make stops along the Freedom Trail or visit one of the great museums that call Boston home. The moment you set foot in town you will feel the ambience of a bygone era sweep over you as you begin to notice the colonial properties, the cobblestone walkways, brownstone homes and general kindness. Quaint Acorn Street in Beacon Hill is an exquisite example of Boston's mellow roots and will set the mood for the remainder of your trip.