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The Williamsburg area has many great attractions for educational travel. It is one of the oldest historical areas in the U.S., as the Jamestown settlement is only a few miles away. Historic Williamsburg itself offers a fantastic look into the past with its restored village and homes. Yorktown is where the British surrendered to end the Revolutionary War and is only a few minutes drive to the east. For a little fun, Busch Gardens is nearby and also offers great educational programs for your trip.


Williamsburg has several exciting opportunities for your group's senior class trips and grad trips. There are numerous activities to see and do! Nearby, Virginia Beach has a ton of history to lend to your group's experience. The area is well known for having the "best" beaches in the Mid-Atlantic region. It also features amazing amusement parks, such as Busch Gardens.


Williamsburg is also a good area for school field trips. From one of the oldest settlements in North America (Jamestown) to Colonial Williamsburg to Yorktown, this area has many great historical attractions. Plus, there are many great museums nearby in Virginia Beach and Busch Gardens is just a few miles away that will have your group excited about their journey!