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New York has so much to offer your educational trip! From Broadway plays to historical museums, art to sports, it has a little bit of everything. Neon theaters, the Central Park Zoo, one hundred something museums, a 70th floor view of the big apple, the Statue of Liberty, the itinerary combinations for NY are virtually endless! Get behind the scenes at NBC for a whole new appreciation for show biz after you see everything that goes into producing some of your favorite programs like The Dr. Oz show! 


For your class trip, why not give New York a shot? Home of the ever televised Empire State Building, Times Square, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, Central Park and the Metropolitan Opera, you are bound to do some star gazing here where celebrities flock! This East Coast city takes you from the Roaring Twenties all the way to a futuristic hotel where automated check-in gives way next to a robot that takes your luggage while you make your way to sleek airline cabin style rooms! New York has everything your team needs to bring to life the adventure you've been looking for! 


Tourism is so thick in New York is because it has an incredible amount of things to do and see! Whether your group is after off the beaten path, hole in the wall city gems or the biggest and most advertised establishments in town, you may have them both on the same streets and are sure to find some new favorites on this field trip! Squeeze in a musical, take trapeze lessons, explore an 18 mile bookstore or chow down on authentic dishes in Chinatown that will leave you wanting seconds!