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Educational Tour TeamIn 1997, in a Northeastern Missouri town, two teachers decided to plan a student trip from Indiana to Disney. Jim Rider, the original president, saw the importance in student travel. From the vision he started Exploring America and completed business known as Adventure Student Travel. Over the years, Adventure Student Travel has grown to include educational tours, graduation trips, student cruises, performance trips, adult groups, and more.

Along with the growth in the variety of trips offered, we have also expanded our internet presence. Beginning with, the company has added websites to a total of six primary, group travel based, websites, including This allows us to meet our growing range of clients.

The Adventure Student Travel motto has always been, “Your tour, your way.” Following that motto, a Group Travel Coordinator will customize a trip for your group by creating and altering itineraries and proposals the way your group wants and needs them!

Adventure Student Travel is a member of the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA), the National Tour Association (NTA), the American Bus Association (ABA), and several other organizations that are available upon request.

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