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Baltimore Senior Trip

Though filled with history and science attractions for a younger crowd to navigate, Baltimore is also a great choice for more mature groups like those on graduation trips! Looking to get outdoors? There are miles of trails to be explored in Baltimore! Visit the resting place of poet, Edgar Allan Poe, or catch a flick outside during the summertime in Fell’s Point! No matter what sport you are a fan of, Baltimore has got it! Depending on the time of year your trip is scheduled for, you will get the chance to enjoy a Ravens NFL football game, an Oriels MLB Baseball game or a Blast NISL soccer game. If you would rather relax and stroll your day away with beautiful backgrounds make sure to visit Baltimore Inner Harbor. The Inner Harbor is full of shops and activities for admirers of the arts and connoisseurs of fine food! Sign up for a bewitching Ghost Tour, marvel at the National Aquarium, indulge at The Cheesecake Factory, swing by the Maryland Science Center where the 3D IMAX Movie Theater and Planetarium are enough to turn anyone’s eyes to the night sky back home! Don’t miss the chance to hop aboard a dinner or sightseeing harbor cruise as well! 

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3 Days of Fun
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