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Seattle Sunset

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Day 1: For a day of variety and one of a kind experiences your class trip belongs in Seattle. Beginning with the Museum of Flight, this is a great precursor to appreciating the Boeing Plant Tour coming up next. Inside the Museum is a collection of flying machines ranging from a space shuttle to flight simulators and the ever impressive SR-71 Blackbird capable of reaching speeds clocked at over 2200 miles per hour, three times the speed of sound! Approaching the Boeing Plant does not come up on a person quickly. Your travel group will see this place coming from a great distance away as it is capable of fitting the Pentagon inside of it comfortably, twice! Logically so, this is where jumbo jets are assembled! This tour demands cozy walking shoes. Below the sidewalks in town lurks the Seattle Underground Tour. This one assembles your party inside an 1890s saloon for an introduction before the trek begins throughout three blocks of authentic Old Seattle. Pike Place Market is a wonderful place to explore and stop for dinner, but your eyes will wander and your feet are sure to follow! Offering everything from improvised theater and palm reading to specialty dog treats and brick oven pizzas, it’s obvious how this century old market has become known as “the soul of Seattle”.