School Trip

New York City

Museums, historic landmarks, national monuments, and government buildings all make popular choices for school trips. Long ago, educators discovered the value of taking students outside of the classroom for learning adventures they will never forget. Students learn best through fun!

Watch students come alive with new interests and a greater appreciation for subjects they’ve already discovered. When you introduce them to the interactive activities in a world-class museum or the inspiration that accompanies a visit to an art gallery, historic setting, or presidential memorial, the students will have a learning experience they will never forget from a school trip you planned!

School Trip Themes

School trips often expound on specific classroom curriculum, favorite interests, or career choices. Black History is a popular educational tour for school trips to Atlanta and Washington, DC. The latter is the perfect city to explore a variety of attractions featuring Law and Order. New York City is the destination for Fashion Tours or a full Broadway Experience with nightly performances and daytime workshops corresponding to a specific show.

Educational Tours

The most popular focus for school trips is educational tours. To check out learn more about some of our popular educational destinations and information, visit our Educational Tours page.

Please feel free to contact us via submitting a request or calling one of our group coordinator at 877-397-5700. We can help you customize your travel experience!

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