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Hawaii Educational Groups

The great thing about Hawaii is the unreal variety of adventures to be had! Begin with the Atlantis Submarine, this is a true sub seating up to 64 passengers, the largest of its kind! Descend beneath the ocean's surface to abandoned shipwrecks, coral reefs, the crash site of an airplane and a vast array of sea life. You will never experience anything else like this tour on the ocean floor of Hawaii! 

Get ready to grip some air with Zip Isle Adventures over the rainforest! Soaring above the canopy of treetops and curious creatures watching you fly by is an unmatched thrill on the island! Visit in the winter time and you may be lucky enough to whale watch at the same time! When you're ready to get down you will be greeted with the option of a segway tour, waterfall tour, botanical garden tour, even a horticultural tour complete with yummy samples of indigenous flora! 

Hiking Diamond Head is a good choice to prepare for Mauna Kea Observatories as you will be climbing a very challenging summit should you so choose to accept the dare! Tours are provided via caravan on the weekends, but taking the climb on your own is even more rewarding! There is a visitor station where stargazing telescopes are provided as well as narration and introduction by Mauna Kea rangers, but atop the mountain 14,000 feet up are the observatories. These are the world's largest astronomical domes operated by multiple cities and even other countries! A real visual treat. 

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