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Sandusky Senior Class Trip

What student would want to miss out on the chance to ride some of the world's best roller coasters?! 

Sandusky is home to Cedar Point Amusement Park: The Roller Coaster Capital of the World! Beginning with Millennium Force, this force of nature is 310 feet tall and rockets you at 93 miles per hour over 80 degree drops and guarantees the scariest two minutes of your trip! 15 more roller coasters and 15 thrill rides later, the last thing on your minds will be lunch!

Next up is Soak City! This is the Cedar Point Waterpark where lazy rivers, cove floating, wave pools, pitch dark cascade tunnels, inner tubing and water slides cap off a sweaty visit to the amusement park! Pizza, burgers, sundaes and banana splits await you at the restaurants while the V.I.P. rental Cabanas offer a private oasis in the midst of splash, spray and surf! 

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Cedar Point and Soak City