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Baltimore Field Trip

Baltimore is a fascinating place to take students to experience hands-on learning outside the classroom! Take a bite out of Fort McHenry’s heroic past as this was the defender of Baltimore in the War of 1812 when the British bombarded our shores. It was also at this time when Francis Scott Key wrote our Star Spangled Banner, the national anthem we are so fond of today. Student group tours would enjoy a picnic lunch alongside the harbor before or after the museum and informative video. To get your feet wet, hop on over to the Baltimore National Aquarium where diving with sharks puts guests face to face with their most primal fears. More than looking in another fish tank, the Aquarium seeks to enlighten visitors with interesting tidbits that will stick, for example, did you know that sea turtles are anatomically built in such a way that they are incapable of pulling their heads inside their shells? The Surviving Through Adaptation exhibit is one of the most popular, this one features a variety of creatures in particular that have stood the test of time with changes in more than personal style. Morning dolphin training sessions are available as are daily thrills at the 4D Immersion Theater with special effects ranging from mist and bubbles to vibrating seats and leg ticklers! 

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